The Number One Rule of Writing

Thursday, June 25

There's this truth that's often forgotten;


Some picture scenes in their heads and write them out, to heck with chronological order.
Some write out outlines before embarking on any story.
Some write in expensive little leather journals.
Some in cheap spiral notebooks from Walgreens.
Some type on the computer.
Some alternate between typing and handwritten.
Some have the most trouble with beginnings while others have the most trouble with endings.

You get the idea.

Not every writing exercise can promise to mold to fit each writer.
YOU ARE UNIQUE in the way you write

The "RULES" of writing don't work for everyone. (And nobody can agree what the rules are.)
It's only by WRITING CONSTANTLY that you can find what works for YOU.

Just because something worked for another writer, doesn't mean that it will work for you.
If you loathe making an outline, then don't do it. YOU don't have to change. The writing technique changes to suit you.

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