Writer's Worry

Wednesday, June 10

The other day I had what some writers refer as "Writer's Block." My plot ground to a stop and I hated everything I wrote.

"Writer's Block" could better be classified as "Writer's Worry."

When I can't write anymore it's because I'm worrying about something in my life or worrying about what the reader will think of the character, the plot, or the book in general.

In Seize The Story by Victoria Hanley (which I highly recommend) she points out that why are we worrying about a reader that isn't even reading our books yet?

She suggests tips for getting out of these sticky situations;
1.Take a break
2. Talk to the block as if it's an annoying pest ("shoo" "get outta here")
3.Don't panic
4.Remember that you're an imaginative person
5.Feed your artistic self
6.Focus on your senses
7.Add some props from your story around you
8. Write at unusual times or in unusual places.

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Patrick Tuesday, September 15, 2009  

Hey, can I ask what kind of book you write? wondering.. My 1st visit here so started reading your earlier posts first.

story_weaver Tuesday, September 15, 2009  

Wow. I never really said what genre I write. (I should probably add that to my profile...)

I write fantasy mostly, but I'm currently trying my hand at an apocolypse book.

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