Monday, June 15

Free-Writing, for me, is a way to break all ties with writing rules and write everything and anything that enters my mind.

I love to free-write. It's actually through free-writing that I've had the basis for many of my stories.

The only problem is that I can be very flighty sometimes and abandon my current book in favor of something I wrote while free-writing.

I've remedied that by sticking all my free-written pages in a folder. When I've finished the rough draft of the book I was writing (or if I'm having some Writer's Worry), I rifle through my folder and continue a page.
I've heard that Free-Writing a little every day is good for strengthening your Writing Voice and becoming a better writer altogether. (Practice makes Perfect.)

A good book to get you started on free-writing every day is The Playful Way to Serious Writing by Roberta Allen.

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