Pen vs. Pencil

Monday, December 14

For me, what I use to write is somewhat important. If it's a pen, my writing get a little more relaxed and has the fun tone of a freewrite. With pencil I find myself to be a little more stiff and unwilling. (hence my love of pens.
I usually scribble in a notebook when I'm writing a rough draft though, because somehow typing it on a computer makes it seem like I can't change it, like it's set in stone.
However, my muse loves to mess with me, and she'll switch her tastes sometimes to actually prefer writing a rough draft on my laptop.

Writing tastes vary, and if you don't feel the creative juices flowing, try a different writing instrument.

Some writers have a wide collection of pens. They say that each pen gives gives the story a different tone. Me, I have one simple black ballpoint pen that I've had forever and I worry that it will die on me someday.

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Shapath Das Sunday, April 29, 2018  
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Shapath Monday, April 30, 2018  

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