Saturday, June 27

Picture by Dave Coverly

The worst thing for your writing are people who discourage you.
"You have to look at reality,"
"You won't finish an entire rough draft in a month!"
"What do you know about writing?"

The only solution to these people is
a) ignore them (easier said than done)
b) stay away from them (hard if they're a relative)
or c) Never share any writing with these pessimists and remember that you are a brilliant writer and nothing can stop you (My favorite option)

Share your writing only with people who will encourage you or politely point out something you could improve instead of saying, "That's dumb!"

And don't take anything they say to heart. Once they've stirred the voice of doubt in your head just tell them to shut up. (The doubts, not the people.)

Just write the blasted rough draft already and ignore the fear that you can't accomplish anything because YOU CAN and YOU WILL accomplish your goals.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
-Henry Ford

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