Rough Drafts

Thursday, June 11

Okay, here's a startling thought about Rough Drafts;


That's what got me through almost everything I've ever penned. I've stressed and wrung my hands in despair when the words didn't come out as beautifully as they had in my head.

But there's this wonderful process called REVISION. Revision, for me, is one of the funnest things to do. But I'll post on that later.

So, whatever you write, keep in mind that NO ROUGH DRAFT HAS EVER BEEN PERFECT.

Write the rough draft and don't worry about how it comes out. You can polish it afterward. (I'm speaking to myself as much as I'm speaking to you.) So go out there and write already!

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Celtic Traveler Thursday, June 11, 2009  

Finally! Someone who actually cares to help fellow writers out. Thanks, story_weaver!

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