Writer's Life

Saturday, January 15

Writing is an agonizing life. You love your family and your characters pretty much the same (although I don't stay awake at night thinking how best to torture my family). You pace in your bedroom/office, despairing over your sloppy writing and eating Lindor Truffles like popcorn.

You can't afford to sit around and wait for inspiration, which is about half as reliable as weed killer. And when inspiration does hit, you're in a darkened movie theater with no access to paper, and all you can do is whip out your cell phone and jot notes while people behind you kick your seat and tell you to stop texting.

If writing is such a miserable life, why do so many people do it?
We're writers. We crave misery. It gives us good ideas for our books.
I will always be a writer. I couldn't change that now, not even if I tried. You might as well suck the soul out of my body.

But that's just me. Why do you write?

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