Choosing a Notebook

Friday, April 9

Your writing tools are the keystone of your creativity. The notebook and pen you choose are important.

I like to choose a cheap  spiral notebook. For me, those fancy moleskin notebooks put too much pressure on the writer. You feel like every word has to be brilliant. But brilliance is impossible in a rough draft. Save your money. A notebook from Walgreens works just as good, and you feel more relaxed scrawling in it.

The paper quality is also important. There's nothing so frustrating as erasing a hole in your masterpiece. Choose paper that won't tear easily.

I would suggest getting a thick notebook. When I started writing in my three subject notebook, I thought there was no way I would fill all those pages.
I did.

On the subject of composition notebooks; just say no. The paper comes out too easily. If that's the way you like, than fine. But be sure to number your pages or it'll all be a mess. I chose to write my 1st novel in a composition. After the binding broke it took me two days to decipher my handwriting and put my worn novel back into chronological order. (I'm still not 100% sure it's right.)

Depending if you're spatial or not, the color is relatively important. I try to choose a color that matches the mood of the story I want to write. (Hence, black notebooks tend to lead to YA fiction.)

But the most important aspect of a notebook is that it has to work for you. You're the writer. Try to find a notebook that makes you excited every time you see it. A notebook that you can carry around without feeling stupid. A notebook that reflects your personality. A notebook that will inspire you.

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Marian Friday, April 09, 2010  

Excellent post! I tend to use single subject, college rule notebooks; and recently I've got into the habit of picking ones with nice cover designs. For one thing, it just looks better; but more importantly, I'm less likely to get that notebook confused with other ones. Over the years, I've used up many notebooks, and when I've got three that are all blue, or all green, it can be annoying. :P

Story Weaver Saturday, April 10, 2010  

Same here. I tend to prefer purple notebooks, so every time I reach for my story I pull out the wrong one. :)

Sarah(Chesire),  Thursday, April 22, 2010  

See, I'm one to use the heavy duty compositions. The brightly colored ones that paper WILL NOT fall out of. but...thats just me.

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