Finding Time to Write

Monday, April 5

It's a problem every writer will face. There is no magic solution. You need to change something; you need to make time, or find time.

Writing entails using every available moment. There are times when you're sitting around doing nothing. Use that time. Utilize your lunch breaks, time in the waiting room, the bus, or the dull parts of a professor's lecture. And if you think it looks lame walking around with a notebook, there's nothing stupid about an intelligent person fufilling their dreams.

Or make time. Clear out your schedule. Hey, instead of spending three hours on Facebook, why don't you write? Decide not to watch that movie, and use those two hours to your advantage.
I'm not saying cut all communications with family and friends. You have to gage for yourself if a certain activity is worthwhile.

In addition to all that, set aside a specific time to write each day. Try to write daily, even if you're not inspired, even if you'll end up trashing everything you wrote anyway.

It takes dedication.
How badly do you want to get it finished? To get it published?
Only the most determined of writers succeed. Decide now to be that writer.

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Anne Marie Sunday, June 13, 2010  

Story-weaver, you are one after my own heart! I like to say too that I came out of the womb writing. This is a great post. I used to try to write everyday but now I do it more on the weekend when I have some solid hours to do that instead of just a little bit after a full day of work and all that. I have found it makes much more productive and that I am finally at long last making progress on the book I am writing on the spirituality of The Lord of the Rings. Please pray for it and me! If you want you can check out my blog at or the site for my book:

Namarie (Farewell), God bless, Anne Marie :)

Toys Exporters Monday, January 23, 2017  

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