Elements of Fiction: Conflict

Monday, April 26

Conflict is what drives the plot.
One has to keep in mind though, that while problems create tension and drive, the conflicts are a result of your character's actions. Problems should never be inflicted for the sake of problems. Your character is not a leaf being blown from action scene to action scene. The situation must result from their own actions.
There are several ways to torture your character.

Man vs. Self
This is the internal struggle your character faces. I believe this should be prevalent in all stories. All of us have felt confusion, guilt, or hesitation. Your characters should too. However, conflict of this nature usually stems from other sources.

Man vs. Others
Most stories involve a human antagonist. They dislike/hate each other for various reasons. Usually, it comes from one trying to control the other. This is the frequent conflict found in books and can lead to other tension.

Man vs. Society
One of the toughest problems to face is the world's idea of what's right. Society and government try to force characters to conform to set standards. This includes, but isn't limited to, racism and sexism.

Man vs. Nature
Characters in this situation fight against animals, natural disasters, or the weather. This can include becoming stranded, lost, or a victim of a natural disaster. It can be anything as small as a simple inconvenience, such as getting caught it the rain.

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Shaynie Monday, April 26, 2010  

I really needed this post; this is something I'm struggling with in my writing right now. Conflict is the whole point of a book! I don't know why I can't get that through my head whenever I sit down to write! :)

Milli Tuesday, April 27, 2010  

Awesome post, as always! his blog helps with my writing way more than my english teacher;]

Story Weaver Tuesday, April 27, 2010  

So happy to have helped you out, Shaynie!
And as for english teachers, Milli, I always felt the same way. I don't understand how teachers manage to turn my passion into a dull lecture. :)

john larsen Friday, November 25, 2016  

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