Friday, December 4

My current (incomplete) rough draft is chock-full of plot holes, the majority of them being a lack of motive.

Why does the bad guy do what they do?
Why does the protagonist (good guy) go out of his way to attack the antagonist?
Why do the other character's help? Why?

The only thing I can really do at this point is sit around and think up solutions. But this usually leads to more questions.
Do they do it out of guilt?
Because they're angry?
Did the bad guy have a bad childhood?
What's in it for the other characters if they help? Do they do it out of honor? Love?

It's one of those things that only the author can figure out, but hopefully the above questions will get you jump-started if you're stuck (like me).

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Reema B. Saturday, December 05, 2009  

This may not be related to your post but I just noticed in your profile that you like Enya! I love her to the extent that I now used one of her songs as a background music for my blog lol :-p

Good luck in your writing, I haven't written anything in quite a while...but I still visualize particular scenes of potential stories in my head.


You're more than welcome to come visit the **Tea House** at

story_weaver Sunday, December 06, 2009  

Glad to find another Enya fan. :)

I think you should write down those scenes, even if you've got no idea where they'll lead. Most of my rough drafts started out that way.

Celtic Traveler Sunday, December 06, 2009  

Yeah, Enya is my favorite too!

Reema B. Sunday, December 06, 2009  

@story_weaver: Thanks for the suggestion. I kinda tried to do that but was simply never able to commit to continuing it...seriously need to get myself together once my finals end!

@Celtic Traveler: hmm, maybe we should start our own "Enya Club" :-p


You're more than welcome to come visit the **Tea House** at

Patrick Monday, December 07, 2009  

Saw the comments on Enya, and I went to listen to her songs-and I love it! Very relaxing.. =)

story_weaver Monday, December 07, 2009  

Reema: Good luck on your finals and any stories you ever decide to start. :)
Patrick: Glad you liked it.:)

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