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Friday, December 18

People Watching: [pee-puhl wotch-ing] -verb
To sit in a crowded place and watch strangers, silently make inferences about them, creating backgrounds, and/or making up a name for them. A time-honored tradition among dorky writers and bored airplane passengers.
Picture by Matteaton
I've always heard about people watching, but I never tried it out until recently. What I came up with is just a few quick jottings since people are in such a hurry nowadays that they never bother to stay put.

A man with black, lace-up boots hidden under a long pair of faded jeans slouches in his seat. His white, almost silver, hair is buzzed short. A black shirt peeks out of an old gray hoodie. His eyebrows are light brown and almost non-existent.

A girl stares blankly out the window. Her cinnamon hair is in a half ponytail, held back with a silver clip. Her hands are shoved in a black Betty Boop hoodie that's zipped halfway down to reveal a pink Volcom shirt. She wears dark blue capris and clasic black converse. Her feet are on tiptoe, pressing her heels against the bottom of the seat. A backpack sits on her lap and earphones are in her ears.

A young man with a brown fedora hat. his dark brown beard is closely shaved. his feet are planted apart and he slouches low in his seat. he wears a coarse brown pair of long pants, frayed at the bottom. he has faded blue converse.he wears a light blue shirt under a faded black leather jacket. His hands are shoved into his jacket's pockets.

If you're walking through a crowd though it's harder to get details of a person from a single glance.

Girl. Pink highlights. Numerous piercings.

Man. Heavily bearded. Plaid jacket. Looks like Paul Bunyan.

Woman. Dirty blond hair. Wearing a gold, heart-shaped locket. Tired.

Long nose. (I couldn't really focus on anything else like gender or clothes because seriously it was long.)

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CheshireCat,  Sunday, December 20, 2009  

or like: a boy in a green/blue striped shirt, short hair and glasses stands and wanders alone. A girl with short brown hair and chocolate eyes in a green shirt wants to dance with him but doesnt want to be the one to ask

story_weaver Monday, December 21, 2009  

That's a good example of people watching too.

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