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Monday, November 23

A few writing websites, whether you're trying to procrastinate finishing a rough draft or you need to get some research done.

Inkygirl: Daily Diversions for writers Funny comics about writing, videos, and other random writing-related tidbits.
Alphabets This website has websites for alphabets from Arabic to Tibetan to Elvish.
Serendipity Generators for random names, random personalities, random settings, to name but a few.
Baby Names This site has one of the largest collection of names I've found, and you can search by meaning, specific letters, popularity, or origin.
Write and Publish Fiction Good, helpful articles for fantasy writers
Freerice You donate to charity while learning random, long, and important-sounding words
Onelook Find rhymes, translations, and words with a specific number of vowels, words that contain other words...
Writing World Despite their 90's looking layout, they've got a lot of helpful articles.
The Costumers Manifesto If you're writing historical fiction, they give in-depth information on how people dressed and what roles they played.

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