How to snap out of a Writing Coma

Friday, November 13

Have you ever really needed to write but the words wouldn't come? You feel discouraged and frustrated? You're convinced that your writing sucks?

You're not alone.
(Bother. This post is starting to sound like an advertisement.)

One of the best ways I've found to get me out of that deep-blue-funk is to EXERCISE.
The science? Exercise pumps your blood faster, so it gets to your brain faster.

It clears my head and makes me think better, especially if the exercise is rhythmic (like swimming around in a circle or jogging.)
I've unraveled many a difficult plot by just running around like a headless chicken.
You don't need any fancy exercise equipment, a simple jump rope will work. And if you lose a couple pounds and put on some muscle in the process, then that's not a bad thing either.

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Celtic Traveler Saturday, November 14, 2009  

"running around like a headless chicken" :)

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