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Monday, May 3

Several times in writing you'll have a character counting, n
 umbers engraved on doors, or a rough estimate of how many guards are chasing them. So what's the proper way to write these numbers; numerical or linguistic?

The official "rule" is to spell out numbers greater than ten (10).
Eleven or more, basically

But I feel that there are some exceptions when it comes to the emotional appeal of writing a story.

For me, I feel that as a writer, you should just write out the numbers, regardless of it being lower than eleven. A numerical "12" jumps off the page when it's completely surrounded by words.

But sometimes, that's what we want. If you are describing imagery, something the reader needs to visualize, I believe that you should write it how it appears to the characters. (How many doors have "twelve" written on them versus "12"?) For example, do they see;


But that's just my opinion. What do you think?

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Anonymous,  Monday, May 03, 2010  

I've always struggled with that in my writing, and I don't know what exactly to do about it! For example, is my character 23 or twenty-three? Is it 10:00 or ten o'clock??? :/

Guinevere Monday, May 03, 2010  

Ooh, this problem has hit my writing before too. I agree with the door idea.

Anonymous,  Tuesday, May 04, 2010  

No, actually that's very helpful! Thanks!

joe Monday, November 07, 2016  

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