Friday, May 28

With summer at our heels, now our excuses are gone. We have more time than ever during the year and we should be writing.

So why aren't we?

Summer is shorter than it used to be. (500 Days of Summer? I wish.) Even if we write like crazy during our vacations, if we are lax on normal work-weeks we'll never get much done. We have summer for our hobbies. But we also must find time on normal days.

Don't waste one minute. Time is precious. A simple math equation will prove that:
People say that "time is money" and that "money is power", right?



To have time is to have the power to do anything. Those who waste time will never get anything done.
Don't procrastinate. Do.

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Caroline Friday, May 28, 2010  

I totally agree. We need to get up and get writing! At least, I do:).

I'm having an event on my blog that's like a miniature version of NanoWrimo, called 30,000 Words in 30 days. And the aim is to write 30,000 words of a story, new or in progress, in the month of June. Here's my blog address (it's the second post down):

God bless!

Marian Sunday, May 30, 2010  

This is off-topic, but I was wondering if you could do a post on transitions between scenes? Especially about how to make them not too abrupt? :) I would really appreciate it, because I tend to have trouble with that...

asim jofa Monday, May 09, 2016  

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