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Monday, January 4

Usually if your a writer, you're also a reader. You don't have to be a Fanatical-Barnes-&-Nobles-Coffee-shop-person to be a reader.
But I've found that sometimes reading can change the tone of your book.

For example, I once was reading Pride & Predjudice. I would alternately put down the book to write some of my story. What came out was diologue along the lines of, "And how are you on this blissfully beautiful morn?", and a character that suspiciously resembled Mr. Darcy.

What you read affects what you write. It can turn the story in a whole new direction (not necessarily bad) or can affect your voice as a writer.
What so often happens is that you want your story to be as masterfully brilliant as that writer's book.

I'm not saying abandon all books, but be careful that your writer's voice isn't being compromised or that you're only adding something because it worked out in someone else's story.

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Celtic Traveler Tuesday, January 05, 2010  

Same thing happened to me when reading LOTR.

Maria Owens Saturday, April 02, 2016  

Reading and writing both are most beneficent and helpful for us that's why i have chosen essay writing services as a profession anyway we have to carry on reading and writing if we want to be successful.

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