Monday, January 18

I love it when people are honest with me. My friend  a couple weeks ago told me straight out that my book "is brilliant, what you've actually written of it, so stop messing around and write the darn thing."
So I sat down and wrote.
I'm an idiot for putting it off. I'm determined to write more.

What is your motivation? For some authors it's their editors breathing down their necks. Because I haven't gotten to that wonderful stage of enforced brilliance, I have to encourage myself in other ways. (Chocolate preferably.)

One author motivated herself by wearing the same sweater every time she wrote. The catch? She couldn't wash it until after she finished her book.

Another, less smelly, way to motivate yourself could be to set goals. This usually helps to get you moving.
Set yourself a deadline, but don't freak out if you fail to accomplish what you aimed for. Set a new goal and try again.
In her blog, Victoria Hanley said;

I'm thinking "deadline" could be called the "aliveline" instead. Yes, I know that if the deadline isn't met, the "dead" part of the line becomes more prominent. But there's just so much aliveness about having a definite goal in time. It's motivating.

What motivates you? What makes you want to write? If you have other hobbies, why do you spend so much time and effort on those things?

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Milli Monday, January 18, 2010  

I should try the sweater thing :]

story_weaver Monday, January 18, 2010  

I'm already looking for a sweater myself. :)

Marian Monday, January 18, 2010  

Well, one of my goals is to try to get something published within the next four or five years, or so. I really want to fulfill that goal, for various reasons, so it definitely motivates me to keep going. Even if my books get rejected, I've got to at least get to that point. ;) As far as every-day motivations go, I find it's a lot easier and more fun to write a book that has a plot I really enjoy, with scenes in every chapter to look forward to; as opposed to a story with only a few highlights in it (which I'll write someday, but I'm not quite up to that level of writing). And, after the page count starts going up, I get even more motivated. :)

story_weaver Monday, January 18, 2010  

That' one of the best motivations; when you're dying to know where the plot will lead and are excited to write more.

Patrick Friday, January 22, 2010  

The sweather thing-what a way to use. LOL! But I must say it's a good one..

ArtSparker Friday, January 22, 2010  

Divergent - wool-gathering- thinking and convergent thinking both contribute to the creative process. Sometimes the divergent is a little too much fun, sometimes it's hard to to find the "Aha" for when to make things concrete.

The Business of Fashion Wednesday, February 24, 2016  

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