Book Recommendation: FLY BY NIGHT

Wednesday, September 9

I picked up this book by Frances Hardinge in 2005 and have read it four times.
And for me, It's amazing if I ever read a book twice.

Mosca Mye is of the few girls who can read, in a world where printed words are dangerous.
And she loves words.
 ...the words had shapes in her mind. she memorized them, and stroked them in her thoughts like the curved backs of cats.
 To escape the watery town of Chough she helps a smooth-talking con-man escape the stocks.
From there she's tossed headfirst into rivalry between those who rule the land, rule the sea, and those that rule words.
An ill-tempered goose.
A dashing highwayman.
A woman with a snow-white scar.
A duke obbsessed with symmetry.
And the words that catch hold of Mosca and never let go. 
I love this book, not only for its story but for the words.
I’ve always been a sucker for a well-turned Hardinge verse.
~Elizabeth Bird 
Well said Elizabeth.

But it's also how the story is about words, and the power of words.
And so for a writer, I think it makes an excellent book.

Or for anyone who cares to join Mosca in what I think to be one of the best books out there.

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Fuse #8 Saturday, September 12, 2009  

If Fly By Night is to your taste, you must read her latest novel which is even better. Here in America it's called The Lost Conspiracy and it just came out. Love it!

story_weaver Saturday, September 12, 2009  

MORE hardinge! Oh the throes of joy!
I've been eargerly awaiting another book since Gullstruck Island.

By the way Fuse #8, I noticed you're Elizabeth Bird and I'd just like to compliment you on your reviews at school library journal.

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