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Tuesday, August 18

I was reading Writing For Your Life by Deena Metzger, and she spoke about the magic of words. Something I'd completely forgotten about.
"Oh Yeah. That magic."

I used to be so adamant about the magic of words, being able to create things where before there was only you and the blank paper.
And then I forgot. And the blank page appeared frightening rather than an invitation to be creative.
But the worst thing that came from forgetting was that I began viewing writing as a chore/desk job.
Back in July I wrote about loving what you do. Why did you want to write to begin with?
I started because I loved words. (If that's not why you started that's fine, don't freak out.)
But it stands to reason, that to love writing you should probably love words.
You are a wordsmith. Words are your trade. Love them and they'll love you back.

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