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Friday, July 16

A topic I've always had a strong opinion about; posting your work online.
I don't know about you, but every time I browse Yahoo! Answers there's some teenager asking for people to read their novel and "tell me what u think about it? LOL, I hope its not 2 much like twilight."

Point One- Most people who post their writing online don't know anything about copyright laws or publishing. And frankly, very few of them are looking for real critique, just praise. Which isn't always forthcoming.
Point Two- Stop with the vampire stories!

But back to Point One.

In Gail Carson Levine's book, Writing Magic, she said this on internet publishing;
Not long ago a girl wrote to me, asking how to get one of her stories published. She said that I could look at the first three chapters of her story on the internet, and she gave me the website. As soon as she mentioned the internet, I thought, Oh no!...
The girl who wrote wrote to me...can't sell the exclusive right to her story  because she's made it available for free on the web. The publisher can't earn anything from it because no one's going to buy a book that's out there free for downloading.
Now, if you've written a short story that you have no intentions of publishing, sure, go ahead and post it on your blog. Just make sure that you're satisfied with never publishing it.

Now, about copyright laws. Unknown to you, people could be distributing and/or copying your work. Look at what happened to Stephanie Meyer; her first chapter of Midnight Sun was illegally posted around the internet. And she's not exactly an obscure, unpublished writer, as most of these kids who post their work online are.

Be careful with your writing. Give something to people for free, and they will take it.

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Olive Tree Saturday, July 17, 2010  

My sentiments exactly! "Story blogs" make me cringe.

brianna Sunday, July 18, 2010  

I agree 100% with this post. Actually, I want to print it and glue it to a big red flag, and wave it in front of all writers my age.

I think it's pretty sad when people dedicate so much time to their work, hoping to see it in print someday, but then find out they can't because they posted it online somewhere.

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