Plotting your Story: Acts

Friday, February 19

Cutting my novel into a beginning, middle, and end was too general for me. So I did the playright thing and split it into acts.

Act I
Explain the situation.
What is the main problem?
Stir the Hero from his path.
Why do things change? How do they change?

Act II
Increased difficulties.
Things get worse through the character's actions.

The events rise to a turning point or climax. The falling action.
Things get unbelievably bleak. This is where you have the showdown. Things rise into a climax. The main problem is solved, but at a price.
This is usually the longest "act."

Act IV
Resolves difficulties.
Other problems are are solved and the story begins to wind down.

Act V
The final outcome.
It's here we tie down all the loose ends. Does the hero get the girl? Does he defeat his own internal battles? Does his brother return?

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