How to write a Love Story

Friday, February 26

Whether love is the focus of your story a just a side plot thread, it usually follows the same pattern.

First Sight
How do they meet?
I've noticed a couple patterns in most love stories; they eaither hate each other guts or it's love at first sight.

This seems to be the more popular one.
The two characters hate/dislike each other at first for several reasons.
For instance, she could hate him because he seems to think he's better than her. (Pride and Predjudice)
He could hate her because she appears to be a threat to his self-control. (Twilight)
The possibilities are endless, and it seems sweet somehow to watch them slowly grow to like one another.

There are also many books that start out with the two falling in love (Romeo and Juliet) or they're already in love (The Count of Monte Cristo.)
These are usually more simple to write, since the characters don't have to overcome an internal battle.

Most love stories appear to have a huge dramatic scene in which they become closer, or their love is tested.

This could be saving their life, such as when Bella almost gets crushed by a car in Twilight.
Or it could be simply overcoming a misunderstanding, such as when Darcy explains his innocence. (Pride and Prejudice)
Either way, the two characters start to develop, if not love, at least a respect for the other person.

Tested Love
The characters are separated and must struggle to return to each other.
(Romeo and Juliet; Romeo is exiled. The Count of Monte Cristo; Edmond is sent to Chateau d'If.)

Falling Action
As the story progresses, the two characters grow to love each other and overcome their difficulties.

The final stage of their love.
Do they marry?
Does one die?
Do they both die?
How does their family/ friends react?

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Celtic Traveler Friday, February 26, 2010  

This is so helpful, thank you!

Anonymous,  Monday, October 17, 2011  

thank.....^___^'s really help me

Bye Bra Tuesday, April 05, 2016  

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Lourdes Galang Monday, January 09, 2017  

In this article a writer pointed to very strange but funny and true aspect that if someone fall in love with someone else there would be two causes. A one in which they may both hate each other at very first or the other view in review is that they may fall in love with each other at first sight that is often called with very lovely name as love at first sight.

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