Writing Contest: "Exit Scene"

Friday, October 1

"Exit Scene" by spyroteknick

Here it is, the writing contest that so many of you voted "yes" for.
Here's how it works:

1. Write what comes to your mind when you look at the above picture. It could be the beginning of a story, a description of the setting, anything.

2. A maximum of 500 words. You won't be disqualified for writing more or less than that, but please keep in mind that you're not trying to write a novel.

3. Post your writing as a comment or e-mail it to me at writersnse@gmail.com. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

4. Submissions will be accepted until October 8th. (That gives you one week.)

5. Out of the top five, you guys will get to vote for your favorite!

Have fun!

5 comment(s):

Sananora Saturday, October 02, 2010  

Hmmm...I might enter. Especially since it's such an interesting picture.

Darby May Sunday, October 03, 2010  

Hello, I was sent by Marian at All That is Gold. I would love to enter, and I will try. :)


Darby May Monday, October 04, 2010  

Mr. Riley walked into his office feeling tired and alone. He had been a business man, and at work he had thought that he had always been an expert at talking about the things that needed to be talked about in a businessman’s job, but he had obviously been wrong.
He had no wife, and therefore no children. He had friends, but none that truly interested him. He was growing old and tired of the world, and slowly but surely he was realizing the fact. He was realizing that there were hundreds of fine men waiting in line for his job, and the fact that his work really no longer needed him made him sad. He was also realizing that he tended to shut inside himself, and so his friends didn’t really need him either. He wanted to make a difference to someone, or something. He wanted to do something or say something that would make someone need him, or want him.
Perhaps his friends did need him, even if his work didn’t, but didn’t know that they needed him because of his naturally quiet personality. Perhaps if he stated his opinions more than he would make more of a difference. Somehow he doubted it.
Perhaps someone did enjoy his company but he didn’t know it. He doubted that even more.
Mr. Riley looked out of the giant glass wall, and watched the sunset fall behind the looming city of New York. It was a bittersweet thing to see. It made the world look as shadowy and gloomy and lonely as he felt, and he wondered if maybe the rest of the people in the world sometimes felt this way. That made him feel good. But that made him think of the people he knew in particular.
He thought of all his business partners at his retirement party. He could imagine them talking and laughing, not caring that he had left the party early.
He thought of all his collage friends, who didn’t need him then and who, even though he hadn’t changed much over the years, would not notice him on the streets.
He could almost see the family he could have had. A beautiful wife, beautiful children, and a beautiful home that he could come home to after work, along with a freshly prepared meal. But he didn’t have any of it.
He tried to convince himself that he mattered, but he felt like no-one would notice if he disappeared off the face of the earth.
He started to pack up his work things and he knew that this was the last time he would ever be in this office. He glanced up out the window again. The sun had left the darkness to rule the city, and Mr. Riley felt like it ruled him too.
There you go! That's all. :)


Darby May Monday, October 04, 2010  

Wow... That is a LLLLOOONNNGGG comment.


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