J.K. Rowling Tribute: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Stills

Tuesday, September 14

You've all heard of Harry Potter. The world-wide phenomenon that sparked a generation of fanatics to whom everyone else is a "muggle."

J.K. Rowling's personal story satisfies our hunger for real-world miracles; a poor, single mom scrawls the origins of a novel on a napkin, and becomes insanely wealthy and famous.
It's every writer's dream.

So, as tribute to the most successful writer of all time, here are stills from the upcoming movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (click on it for a larger view);

I'm guessing this is the Lovegood home. Which would explain the death eater wafting through the background.

Ron is unconscious in the foreground, his shirt off (naturally) with Harry by his side. Oh, and Hermione's casting a spell.

Obviously a death eater stopping a train (I'm assuming it's the Hogwarts Express). He looks more like a jedi.

A gathering of Death eaters, presumably the scene from the prologue. Voldemort is sitting at the head of the table (figures), with Snape to the right and Bellatrix the second person on the left. The Malfoys on the left look squeamish. Nagini is coming straight at the camera.

Ron is terrified for some reason and is pursued by a blurry figure wearing a scarf that resembles Lord Beckett from Pirates of the Carribean. Hagrid watches unperturbed on the sidelines.

Dumbledore's ghost.

Hermione looking scared and aiming her wand. Nothing new there. But who is the black figure in the background?

5 comment(s):

sarah,  Saturday, September 18, 2010  

Awesome post! but...the malfoys are on the LEFT and the black figure is in the BACKground

Story Weaver Saturday, September 18, 2010  

Celtic Traveler; Glad you liked them.
Sarah; Thanks for the heads-up! I've fixed it. :)

Inez Shutts Thursday, October 13, 2016  

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nooh shaikh Friday, April 06, 2018  

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