Friday, October 30

To be a writer you need to be able to change easily.
Not yourself, but your habits, your character's names, your book's title.
I recently learned that if I write a book before knowing the main problem, the book dies. Yet I've stubbornly persisted in ignoring that, hoping I'd become one of those instinctive writers that "never know where the story will take them."
So I had to change my preconceived notion of what type of writer I am.
The quicker I can let
go of things (the story I set out to write, the beginning that I thought was
good, the dumb bunny metaphor that I loved) the quicker I'm able to move on and
find something better.
~Todd Mitchell
You must be able to adapt. Don't latch onto that sentence that you're so proud of.
Writers need to have a thick skin, not only for critics, but for yourself.
Letting go is hard. But a lot of times, it's necessary.

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Mary M. Maurice Sunday, March 04, 2018  

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